Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pilates exercise of the week

In the heat of the summer we want to keep exercising. But it is a good idea to slow down the pace a bit on 100 degree days.

Leg circles with theraband:

This exercise is done lying down on your back. The head may be on a small pillow so that the cervical spine is the correct position.
Use a theraband (stretchy rubber strap).

Place the strap at the bottom of your right foot and extend the right leg up. The left leg is straight on the mat.

Inhale to prepare, exhale to move the right leg to left across the body . Then move the leg down and around to the top. Draw a circle with the foot in space while stabilizing the pelvis with the abdominals. Do 5 to 10 , the reverse direction. Change legs.
Keep the neck and shoulders relaxed during this exercise.

Martina Pilates - Woodstock | Saugerties

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